Monday, October 24, 2011

My first blog

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To my own surprise, I am entering my first blog post. I have resisted giving myself the option to blog because of fear. Fear is always at the root of what blocks me. I remember my first experience with facebook. After several friends suggested that I give it a try, I relented. At first, to be honest, it felt invasive, but then it became a way to communicate with people I had lost touch with. There is a part of me that wants to protect my privacy. But on the other hand, it is my greatest desire to share my experiences and artwork with others. As I tell you more of my story, it will help make sense of the conflict I'm feeling. There have been events in my life, going all the way back to childhood, that make me want to wrap a warm blanket around my life for comfort and protection. So blogging is going to push me out of there to explore new things. I trust that whatever lessons this new adventure brings, will have great value.

I am still working to embrace myself as a writer, teacher, and artist even though I have been rehearsing for it most of my life. It was only a few short years that I discovered a love for drawing. Prior to then, I knew I loved helping people and had worked in different fields such as mental health, addiction, and special needs. I also had a vision from the time I was a young girl that I would write a book one day. But all my desires didn't come together until after the darkest time in my life. That was when my beloved, beautiful daughter Jody, died. She died from a prescription overdose at the age of 27. On that day, I thought my life was over. My heart was broken. But unbeknownst to me at that time, my life would begin again, in a new way. My pain helped me tap into my creativity and losing a child made me stronger. I began taking risks to follow my heart and live my dreams. So here I am today, sharing in hopes of inspiring you to walk through whatever challenges life has brought. Know that pain always comes bearing gifts when you reach the other side of it.


                                                                       Jody Lee Crews


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us". Marianne Williamson


"There are no barriers to my dreams"


  1. I love you very much and I love your new blog. You are the best and I am very proud to be your sister...I love reading what you write. Your words and your drawings touch me and encourage me to heal..Thank you

  2. Hello,,,,onto your blog. Your first and last blog are my favorites. I like it when you get real and reflect back and yet bring it to the present. I can relate to the treading water and also to overdoing it...
    By the way, I can see other comments:)
    Love, Chris

  3. I have felt reluctant about facebook and blogging also - I know about people who have had hard feelings because of comments made. I know people who have been able to make connections that seem so much simpler today than yesterday. I like to focus on what is good. Currently I am living with my husband and daughter in a state not drastically far from my family members who live in another - all family members, same state. I am grateful for the multiple media which makes communication so much easier than just twenty years ago. And I love to find inspiration through others' words - and in your case, your drawings. They resonate with me. Thank you