Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The practice of forgiveness

These photos were taken on my walk yesterday.

I'm taking another break from painting/ a creative will pass...time to change things around in my blog...I tend to get stuck doing things the same...change is good.


In order to find true peace and happiness, one must forgive matter what they've done...a hardened heart will not know will be stuck...a part of you will be closed off...building a wall around your heart...your judgement will suffocate your ability to love.

If there is resistance to being forgiving, look deeper...this means you haven't forgiven yourself for something...when you forgive yourself, forgiveness for others will come more easily.

Judgment of other's is a mirror...hold it to your face...look closely...what are they showing
you about yourself that you don't must still angry at yourself for?

It's time to move on...let the past go...forgive did the best you could at the time
...we've all made mistakes...some small ones, some BIG's okay...we learn from our mistakes...if you hurt someone, make your humble...wipe the slate clean
...move on...forgive...enjoy the peace and happiness you'll be blessed with.

My new wall art! I found them at HomeGoods. As soon as I saw them, I was excited. I like to decorate my home with things that make me feel happy. The pink pillow puppy was a Valentine gift from a friend. I put lavender on her so she is soothing to hug.


The practice of forgiveness is our most important
contribution to the healing of the world.
Marianne Williamson


"I am free"