Sunday, February 26, 2012

The secret to happiness

Taken near Venice beach.


You are what you believe...your life is what you think it other words, our thoughts create our reality. If you think negative, you'll be a magnet for problems. If your outlook is positive, you'll attract good fortune.

Sounds simple, right? So why would we chose to think negative? 

For me, negative thinking began in childhood. I had a lot of fears as a little girl, as well as, trust issues. Over time, I developed a negative way of thinking.

 I've worked hard to break these old patterns of thinking. It takes time and patience. You learn to ignore the chattering ego/mind and replace the bad thoughts with good ones.

I heard someone say yesterday that they wish they knew the secret to being happy. Well, the secret is this...change your will change your life...the happiness is within your reach.


Another one of new drawings. I'm enjoying using ink instead of pencil.
The only drawback is you can't erase your mistakes.


The real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeing new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.

~ Marcel Proust ~

"I am free"