Saturday, November 24, 2012

New possibilities

Acceptance is the key to serenity.

No matter what the circumstances are, if you practice acceptance, peace will follow.

How often we try to control things because we're uncomfortable.
We put fear in charge.

Learn to sit in the discomfort rather than forcing change.

Perhaps there's a valuable life lesson to be learned.

Life lessons are gifts.

Remember that resistance to any circumstance only causes more pain.

I know it's a lot to embrace, but open your mind to new possibilities....
 You will come to know peace.

My little buddy Alicia (pic taken at last year's Christmas party with her friends). Her smile can
light up a room. Yesterday was a girl's day so we went to the movies and ate lots of popcorn. Yum!!!
We turn to God for help
when our foundations are shaking,
only to learn it is God who is shaking them.

~ Charles C West ~
"Life is easy when I let things flow"