Monday, December 24, 2012

A peaceful holiday

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the house,
 not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...
So far, this has been a peaceful holiday.
No fuss, no worry...
Every year I've worked at cutting back the Christmas stress...
the stress of doing too much...
wanting things to be perfect.
I've learned that the part of me that sought perfection...
 was actually my wounded inner child...
who wanted love, approval, and to make others happy.
I didn't believe I was enough...
or what I did for others wasn't enough either.
So I overcompensated,
losing touch with my own needs in the process,
especially during the holidays.
Today I know "I am enough".
The old compulsion to overdo has disappeared.
A true miracle!!!
My wish for you this year...
is to know how special you are.
May your holidays be blessed with the truest gift-
"The Gift of Love"
Pippi nosing around my art table...
Just like a sunbeam can't separate itself from the sun,
and a wave can't separate itself from the ocean,
we can't separate ourselves from one another.
We are all part of a vast sea of love...”
Marianne Williamson
"My life is rich"