Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shedding false beliefs

Six years ago I held a belief that I couldn't draw. Though I enjoyed doing creative projects, I never once attempted sketching. Then one day I sat down with pencil, paper, and a drawing that my daughter had created in elementary school. I copied her drawing with some success, though it was very child-like.
From that day on, something magical began to unfold. I found an artist in me...hidden away. I continued to play...using paints, markers, whatever I could get my hands on...until my drawings improved.

One day a voice in me said "you're going to design greeting cards". I replied to the voice "how is that possible?".
Today my cards are in the finest gift stores in the area. I could never have imagined that. I still shake my head. Six years later, it still feels brand new, dream-like, exciting...
No one knows their true potential until they take risks to try new things. I thank God for the day that I looked at my daughter's drawing and said to myself "I wonder if I could do that?"

Here's another miracle. Jack detests anything electronic. He has stubbornly declared that he will not conform to the computer age we live in. Knowing this about him, I decided to buy him a Nook anyways. I was pretty certain that if he removed his resistance, it would give him hours of pleasure. Well, he's become addicted to solitaire. Welcome to twentieth century, Jack....