Monday, October 21, 2013

Transforming fear

Until we stop to face our deepest fear,
we waste precious time running from it.
Some of the ways we avoid being alone with fear is...
busyness, overeating, spending, dependency on others,
substances, working too much, isolating....
All of these lead to nowhere, but a dead end.
There's no where to bury the truth,
no matter how hard we try.
The hole inside of us we try to fill with distraction...
 ends up being another source of pain.
It's only in surrendering to being honest about our fear,
that we begin to truly transform...
I am certain we all have the same fear...
fear of being alone.
We have been wounded in some way;
abandonment, rejection, dysfunctional family issues growing up... 
It's not a comfortable process to look at a broken heart.
We may lie to ourselves by saying "it was no big deal".
But minimizing it is just another excuse to avoid it.
There is nothing outside of yourself that will heal you.
It's like trying to put a band aide on a gaping, infected wound.
It will never work.
Nor will lying to yourself.
For today, surrender to become more honest.
Stop looking for quick fixes.
Any discomfort you may feel when you look at fear...
is nowhere near as painful as carrying it with you
for the rest of your life.
We all have the choice to live fully awake and present...
 or numb ourselves out.