Sunday, May 11, 2014

True happiness

Though most of us were raised to believe that the journey is all about the perfect life (husband, children, career, house...), I have found that to be untrue. I've had time in my life where I had all those things, yet felt empty inside. I have also times had when my life was incredibly messy. The messy times gifted me with the most. I used to judge and awfulize my challenges. Now I can see they were all opportunities to learn and grow.
What is most important to me now is how I feel about myself, how honestly I am interacting in the world, and how I can serve humanity in the purest way. It's not about being perfect, looking good, worrying what others think, trying to fix or change people, or ignoring the cry from within my soul that yearns for it's true purpose in life.
It doesn't matter how great someone's life looks from the outside. If their internal life isn't rich, if they don't love them themselves and made peace with their past, then they are living in lack.