Saturday, January 24, 2015

A happy ending

You're the author of your life.
Is your story woven with of acts of kindness, courage, and faith? Or are your pages filled with fear, self-doubt, worry, and unworthiness? Suppose you could write a brand, new script. What would you choose? Would you be the hero in your story? Would you forgive everyone for everything that's ever happened? Would you forgive yourself for your own mistakes? Would you use your power to change the heart of the world? Would you become fearless? Would you strongly stand up for what you believe in, being humble and fierce at the same time? Would unconditional love be your greatest achievement? Would you throw away the tarnished mirror of your past? Would you be a warrior for your truth? Would you be willing to let go of shallow living and youthful arrogance? Would you meet life every day with open palms- letting it hand you what it wishes?

Each moment you are writing the script with your thoughts, beliefs and actions. This may be hard to wrap your mind around. But it's true none the less. Make good choices...