Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Running from ourselves

I love getting comments on my blog. I would encourage anyone who has something they'd like to share, to join in. Yesterday the subject of "facing our darkness" came up. This topic speaks to my heart. I made a decision years back that I would face my demons and heal my life...

Prior to facing things, I was trapped. Each time I made the decision to avoid something that made me uncomfortable, it created a prison that got smaller and darker as time went on. Eventually the walls became so small that it suffocated my spiritI felt hopeless and dead inside. I was trapped in a hell of my own making.

There came a day when I couldn't run anymore. Facing the darkness was the healthiest, kindest thing I've ever done for myself. And one day when the prison doors flew open...

 This too, is your ticket to peace, joy, and most of all, freedom. Give yourself the best life you can. You deserve it!!!