Sunday, February 12, 2017

Creative Healing

Creating is not just a passion, but has been a source of comfort 
 and healing throughout my journey... 

 (Written in memory of my daughter, Jody)

 As the bright little star fell from the sky,
the woman ran barefoot across the earth
to catch it before it hit the ground.
The beautiful star glowed in her arms,
inviting her to bring it closer to her heart.
She grew to dearly love the little star,
but there came a day when she knew
she must return it to the sky.
It took great courage to say goodbye.
Nowadays when the moon is full
and stars are twinkling,
the woman looks longingly to the sky 
searching for the star that shines the brightest, 
for she knows this was once her star.
And in some mysterious way, always will be.