Sunday, October 30, 2011

Living From Your Heart workbook

This morning I want to share a page from my newest workbook "Living From Your Heart". It addresses co-dependency and is meant to challenge you with questions that will be helpful in examining ways you give and recieve love.

At one time, I was unaware that the love I often gave to others had strings attached to it. Being that I am a recovering co-dependent, being needed gave me a false sense of belonging. To feel loved, I used control and manipulation. I did it so gently and with such kindness that it appeared as if I were being helpful. I finally began to see my issues more clearly. It helped to explain why my sense of belonging never lasted for long. I was trying get validation from others to prove to myself that I was worthy. My journey began to take another direction when I did an honest inventory of myself and became willing to change. Since then, I've learned how helpful being supportive to others is, but I've also learned to trust each person's process without interferring, even when it appears they are struggling. Struggle is part of growing our spiritual muscles. Fixing people is a way to cripple them. Today. I am still working on my issues and sometimes I still fall in the old trap, but more often than not, I have freed myself from being co-dependent. And my sense of belonging comes from deep within me.


page from my workbook

Do you find yourself pushing people away then pulling them back again? It’s a tug of war game we play when we become afraid they’re getting too close.

Have you ever sabotaged a relationship even though you cared for the person? You may have focused on all the things they did wrong instead of their good qualities.

Are you controlling in your relationships?

Can you be spontaneous?

Above are a few sample questions from the workbook. The answers may feel a bit challenging, but if they are, then all the more reason to dig deeper in search of what your truth is. There's a lot of wisdom behind the old saying " the truth shall set you free".


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Affirmation for the day

" I no longer look for validation outside of myself "