Friday, October 28, 2011

No more people-pleasing

I've been working on my old habit of being a people-pleaser for a long time. Every now and then, I feel a growth spurt. A new-found strength to be true to myself. It feels empowering, yet guilt show us too. Guilt will attempt to suck me back into my old belief system, but I've learned not to listen to it. Guilt tells me that I'm not worthy and other people's feelings matter more than mine. Guilt tells me it's selfish to put my own needs first. Guilt tells me that my truth isn't important. Guilt lies to me in it's attempt to keep me living small and wounded.

There have been some opportunities the past few weeks to practice being true to myself. Some of these lessons weren't easy ones. I took some big risks standing up for what I believed in. And I am happy to say, it has worked out well.

Sadly, I grew up in an era where children's feelings weren't valued so our emotional needs weren't met. Because of this, the message I internalized as a little girl, was one of unworthiness. This message was incorrect. We are all worthy.


Made her last year. I named her Tulip.


"I will be all that God created me to be"