Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worshipping others

 Another play day with my little girl...
If you were frightened growing up,
you may find yourself today, seeking idols.
But seeking out others to make you safe is a huge problem.
An idol is someone you have put on a pedestal. 
You think they will save you from the past,
which was over long ago.
You come to depend on your idol,
just as a child depends on an imaginary hero figure...
 who rides a white horse and saves them.
The fear you've carried all these years doesn't pertain to today,
but you've dragged it with you.
Relinquish your need to worship someone,
someone you think will save you.
 Ask yourself the question...
"what do I need to be saved from - my past?".
If you need to be idolized/adored, that's another issue.
Needing that kind of  reassurance is still a frightened child,
 a child who attempts to get her sense of safety from others. 
The child thinks if she's adored,
the other person won't abandon her.
But whoever is adoring you now
will end up resenting you when you don't live up...
 to their unrealistic expectations.
After you have given them every piece of yourself,
they will still believe that you didn't do enough.
Either way your wound manifests itself,
won't have a happy ending if you continue to choose...
 to either idolize or be idolized.
We claim freedom when we step away from old fixes.
Take care of your own frightened child...
 rather than carelessly handing her to someone else.
No one has the power to heal her, but you.