Monday, January 19, 2015

Being part of the solution

It's no secret how passionate I feel when it comes to healing. I strongly believe in recovery programs such as AA and Alanon. AA is for people with a drinking problem. Alanon is for the families who have been affected by the disease of alcoholism and addiction.

You may think you've never been affected by the disease, but even if there's no one currently in your life who has a problem, there is something called the isms. It is a behavior/thinking problem that is passed from generation to generation. Ex: Suppose you had a great grandfather who had a drinking problem. His disease will have greatly affected his family. Anyone who lives with alcoholism or addiction, is deeply impacted by it. It's a family disease. The whole house becomes sick. Nobody dodges the bullet. What happens then is the affected children grow up and unknowingly pass the affects to their children. 

Some of the characteristics of the isms: blaming, secretiveness, defensiveness, shame, feeling disconnected, restlessness, anxiety, underlying fear, over-reacting to situations, people-pleasing, caretaking, guilt, inadequacy, and depression. 

There is also a wonderful program for children called Alateen. In offering children recovery, they may not have to grow with the affects of the disease. Our children and grandchildren hold the key to the future. But has to begins with you. The first step to wellness is honesty. Have you been affected by the disease? And are willing to do something about it?

Who said Humpty can't be put back together again?