Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Accepting what is

Blog entry- Nov. 2012

On my walk this morning, after listening for a few moments to all the negative conversations in my head, I decided to ask myself the question “can you accept this moment just as it is?” At first, I felt a lot of resistance to this question…reasons why I couldn’t accept this and that. But I persistently asked myself the same question over and over “can I accept this moment just as it is?” until I felt my resistance weaken. 
What followed were tiny moments of being present
As my mind got quieter, my new focus became my surroundings; feeling the cool welcoming breeze as I walked, seeing the silhouette of the trees against the sky, enjoying splashes of colorful blossoms among the weeds, the steady rhythm of traffic… 
Each time a story aroused in my mind, I would ask myself "can you accept this moment?"
Example: it looked like I might caught in a rain shower on my walk, so I said to myself  "can you accept this moment? what if it rainswhat does that mean…it means nothing…can I accept walking in the rain...yes, I can accept it".

Needless to say, it did rain a bit on my walk. But it felt peaceful and cleansing...