Monday, January 9, 2017

Peace of mind

There came a time when I had to surrender my old ways of finding happiness... External happiness never lasted... It put me in a position of relying on people, material things, and circumstances to fulfill me... If I wanted to be truly happy, I had to free myself of the baggage I was dragging around (guilt, shame, unworthiness, abandonment issues, childhood wounds...). I can only say that it worked... No more baggage... Life today is simple, light, joyful, fulfilling... People, things, and circumstances can enhance the happiness that I feel in my soul, but at the same time, I don't lose my peace and joy when things don't go my way (which they often don't)... 


  1. Thank you for your gift, received a hr or so ago.x

  2. Beautiful message. This is what one of my daily readers was about today. The universe has a message for me today. It's been a long journey to this realization and I work on it everyday. Thank you

    1. Wonderful to hear, Diane.... Sounds like the Universe wants to gift you...