Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Waking up

Still enjoying my Valentine tree...

Face it, most of us don't like feeling uncomfortable. We tend to ignore the inner voice that beckons our attention from time to time. But there comes a day for each of us when life begins to feel noticeably heavy. Some may call it depression. I merely see it as a wake-up call... A time to do some soul cleansing... We aren't meant to carry our baggage... When it piles too high, it chokes the joy out of living... What feelings have you been avoiding? Are you ready to acknowledge them?

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  1. Debbie, this next year will be one of "purging" for me. So ready for this to happen and I wish to get a plan going to bring these goals to fruition. My plan will be to write some then purge some and repeat the process until both jobs are done. So be it. My middle name is "Jean" as in Jeanie so I just need to blink my nose or something and presto chango ...it will be done. LOL Peace to all who read this post! Debra djkgc