Saturday, July 22, 2017

A woman's power

For a woman to claim her power,
  she must take an honest look at herself.
  Though a daunting process,   
courage ensures her success.

There are things she must do; 
lessons to master, tests she must pass,
wrongs that need to be made right,
grief, anger, and forgiveness work.
She must let her guard down 
and become friends with sorrow.

In the beginning, 
she will fall to her knees and weep
when she sees the errors she has made 
and how often she has abandoned herself.
But only upon awakening to truth,
does she start to mend her broken-ness.

When she has faced and healed her life, 
all that remains are the lessons she learned
and the gifts that each one has given her;
wisdom, compassion, strength...

Again she will fall to her knees,
not because she is sad, 
but because she sees how beautiful 
the world really is...