Friday, June 29, 2012

Standing up to fear

What if becoming (painfully, gut-wrenchingly...) aware of our fear is not always
 a sign that we’re far off from peace, but actually quite the opposite: a sign that
we’re actually close enough to peace to start collapsing into it, to start admitting
to ourselves or someone else how hard things have been?
How much we need Life’s hug? - Kristen Noelle

I've had a few dragons to slay (things to overcome) this year. When I chose "FREEDOM" as my goal back in January, I knew I would be faced with the things that were blocking my freedom, mainly my deepest fears...the ones I like to keep in the dark so I don't have to look at them. Well, I've seen them now and it has sucked the breath out of me, at times.

The only way I can overcome the fears that hold me hostage is to collapse into them. But first I thrash...struggle...feel victimized...get angry...until I'm finally tired enough to surrender. Then I give up my resistance, chuckle at my crazy, irrational behavior, and bask in the peace that follows. Although this process is a bit gut-wrenching, it forces me once again to dig deep for my courage and faith. When I surrender, I feel Life hugging me again.. I feel happy and safe. These hugs nourish me my soul and encourage me to stay true to my goal. FREEDOM- here I come!!!



The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. 

 - Joseph Campbell


"I trust whatever experience life brings me will help me evolve"