Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dying to our old self

There are times in every one's life when the losses outweigh the gains, when despair is so great it is amazing we don't die from pain... During these radical times of desperation I have learned there is an opportunity.

My most powerful lessons resulted from having faced my own crucifixion - felt it, witnessed it, and died to the life I had before. I could not have resurrected stronger, and truer, without such a radical deconstruction.

... Deconstruction means letting go of the struggle...We must allow the stripping of our past selves, let every layer that isn't truth fall away, and trust that a new life lies past this curve in the road.

From the book "Growing Wings" by Kirsten Jongen.


Naked and on my knees...
years of good enough...
 were callously stripped away.
an angel took mercy and held my hand...
"fear not my love
good was merely insulating you...
 from vastly great".
K. Jongen


"Pain transforms me when I keep my heart soft and forgiving"