Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Claiming more freedom


There is freedom in becoming desireless. Being desireless means we let go of all our attachments...our attachment to people, things, and circumstances. It also includes our attachment to getting our way. When we give up trying force life and let it unfold naturally, we are truly free.

One of the things I know I am still attached to is food. Both my partner and I are not extravagant people but when it comes to food, we splurge.

Over a year ago, I got sick for several months and had to give up just about everything I loved; eating in restaurants, coffee, chocolate, sugar, pizza, spaghetti...It was hard at first, but I discovered that I did okay without them. Today I still have an attachment to food but it doesn't have the strong hold it used to because I know now I can let go.  
The bug knows intuitively how to live and what it's purpose is. It doesn't get up every day obsessing about this or that, complaining, worrying, feeling resentful because it doesn't get what it wants. Until we let go of our old conditioned thinking, we will be a prisoner to our desires. And by giving in to desire, there will never be enough of anything.
A special message to you from the Universe-
keep life simple. Chaos is merely a smoke screen for those who are afraid to look deeper at themselves.