Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Be your own hero

lunch time for these guys....

Don't idolize anyone! It's ego tricking you into thinking someone is better than you, and they will be able to provide for your needs. You will only get a false sense of safety. And spend a lot of time worrying about losing what you have. Dig for your own strength. As children, we looked for heroes, but as adults, we need to be our own hero. It's okay to admire people as long as you're not trying to get something from them...something they will never be able to give you. Thinking they posses what you need is an illusion...
 A Course in Miracles says " seek not outside yourself. It will fail. You will weep each time your idol falls.... There is no peace there. All your pain comes from a futile search for what you want.... It is only an illusion that there is something outside of us that will bring happiness and peace... Idols are feared and worshiped both. They are never seen as they truly are. You value an image...".

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