Friday, February 14, 2014

Practicing faith

Because of the way women are raised, to be caretakers and servers,
to put others needs first, most of us do not have enough self-esteem.
We have great fears of abandonment.
We fear loss and lack of security.
We were not raised to believe that we could take care of ourselves...
So how do we overcome fear...?
It is in learning  to trust the process of Life.
Life is here is to support us, to lead us and guide us if we will allow it to...
Louise L Hay

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  1. Actually, I think the world needs to shed some misconceptions about women, and see how strong we really can be. It is mostly the women in the country who hold the families together. We don't have to be in main-stream America to have our goals met and our dreams come true. Although, so much has changed and in any household today, because of the economy, women are almost required to work outside the home whether they want to or not. We are in hard times, so we need to keep our courage in tact, and move forward wherever our place in life leads us to. And we can maintain a sense of calm, and self-repose and encourage others where we can. It's not all bliss and fun, but we do need to keep our peace of mind, and take care of ourselves and have some goal for the creative process to fill our much needed time and space when we find ourselves alone. Creativity is what keeps us sane.
    hugs to you,
    Teresa in California