Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finding your purpose

I am very excited about starting another 4-week workshop for women who are interested in working on their spiritual growth. I am calling it "Finding Deeper Purpose and Meaning For Your Life". It will be held on Tues. mornings from 11-12 and the cost is $10 a group. What a bargain!
Often women tell me that they don't know their purpose in life. It is because they are giving too much energy to their external life, living in survival, and neglecting the inner cry for something more. It is my passion and my purpose to teach women how to live more successfully. Often that means healing the wounds of their past. It may seem easier to deny that the past still greatly impacts their lives, but until they find a deeper level of honesty within themselves, they are stuck in old patterns, beliefs and behaviors that block them from the life they deserve. I encourage every woman to ask herself "am I truly happy or am I keeping my life full of external fixes so I don't have to face how I really feel?". It is only in owning the truth that one can begin to make a shift that will be deeply rewarding and meaningful.
I also offer 1:1 coaching. I extend this invitation to those who live close to my area and can do a face-to-face, as well as, women who are out of state (via: phone sessions). If you are interested or have questions, leave me a message in the comment box below or go to my website and leave me a message there. God Bless! Have a beautiful day!!!