Monday, April 20, 2015

Saying thank you

Trying out my new camera
Blog- Father's Day June 17, 2012
I want to write about my dad today, 
but I'm groping for words...
trying to find my here goes...
Dad died 17 years ago...he played a huge part in my life.
When he died, I thought I would die too...
at least, the little girl in me thought so...
I felt abandoned, afraid...
it took me a long time to work through the grief.

My last memory of dad that I will always cherish,
is holding his hand as he lay dying.
As a little girl, I dearly wanted to hold his hand,
but that wasn't dad's way of showing affection...
he was more apt to rub my shoulders or playfully tease me.
So it meant the world to me
 (and my little girl) to finally get my wish.

The old, longing ache for my dad has long since healed,
as well as, my abandonment issues.
My feelings today are those of gratitude.
I'm grateful for the years I had...
the memories we made...there was a lot of laughter,
tears, and some good arguments (we could both be stubborn).

Thank you dad for being my father, teacher, friend...