Friday, August 28, 2015

Living in the solution

The reason I've taught healing work for almost twenty years is because it's a solution that is nothing short of a miracle. I feel deeply disturbed that so few people have interest in doing something that would radically change their own lives and contribute to changing the world. Today I feel passionately angry regarding this topic and here's why:

Everywhere I look, I see people living unconsciously; going against their grain, seeking pleasure, power, instant gratification, and most of all, listening to fear rather than listening to God. What I don't see often are people living in the solution; people talking about their shame, their pain, their fears. We've been programed to sweep it all under the carpet. People lie everyday to themselves and to others because they fear rejection and abandonment. But every time we ignore the parts of us that cry for resolution and peace, we not only abandon and reject ourselves, but we reject God and His will for us.

What is it going to take for people to wake-up and change? What is it going to take to find the humility to even admit the wrongs? There are serious consequences for living unconsciously and we all pay the price for it.

Here's more truth: 

Why is it so hard to look deeper? Let's be honest! People fear looking at themselves because of shame and unworthiness. The unresolved issues hides behind pride, blame, judgement, arrogance, stubbornness, perfectionism, boastfulness, close-mindedness, greed, power seeking, materialism, and even religion. Too often people hide their shame behind the word God. They use religion as a way to feel superior, but let's call it what really is; self-rightedness.  Religion can be a tool to open our hearts to God, but the real walk with God is a deeply personal journey of learning to align ourselves with His wisdom. When you live in truth, then you will know God.

So what's the solution? 

Get more honest, do your work, clean up your mess. Don't make excuses or deny there's problems. Your problem becomes your children's problem. Your children's problem becomes your grandchildren's problem and on and on... 

Enough is enough! 

Personally, I'm weary of watching people spiral in their self-pride. I've watched it for years, and though it has helped motivate me to work even harder on my own stuff, I can't deny the affect I see it has the world. I will no longer be quiet about how angry it makes me. And I won't make excuses for mindlessness anymore...