Friday, October 30, 2015

Infinite joy

Sometimes our world has to first
be turned upside down 
in order for us 
to have a more panoramic view 
of whether we are fully living 
or merely existing. 

When our world is shaken, 
it not only awakens us, 
but it brings us to 
the threshold of change.
As we gain new insight,
we begin making better choices.
We move closer to living a life 
of purpose and inspiration.

Now is the perfect time for renewal.
Can you let yourself be swept up 
by the current of change?
Be child-like as you place trust in a Universe
that not only loves and supports you, 
but is offering you the gift
of infinite joy and possibilities.

Though things feel topsy-turvy right now, 
can you allow yourself to lie back in the grass 
and let the warm sun caress your fear?

Soon things will begin anew…