Friday, February 24, 2012

Trusting your intuition

                I think the bug was trying to hide under the rose petal, but the bee wasn't camera shy.


I don't know how many hundreds, maybe even thousands of thoughts that run through a person's mind in one day, but what I do know is most of them aren't true. There's what I call "right thinking" which comes from our intuitive self. It's a wisdom we all have which it gives us the right answers. These answers don't come from thinking/analzying; it comes from a deeper place of  "knowing".

There's also the kind of thinking that comes from ego; the opposite of right thinking. Don't believe what it tells you. Ego loves to be right, feeds on conflict, and is always looking to be better than others, but also beats the crap out of you because it wants you to feel bad about yourself.

Intuition is a great tool for living, but often people shut it down. Either they don't trust it or they don't like the direction it's giving them. Have you ever looked back on situation that didn't turn out good and see how you ignored the red flags (your intuition) because you didn't want to believe it at the time? Your intuition was telling you it was a bad idea, but your mind talked you into it anyways?

If you learn to only listen to your "right thinking/wisdom", you will be divinely guided. Life will be easier, more joyful, and you will know a peace you've never had before. The ego/mind will continue to try sucking you back into old thinking, but ignore it.

No matter how good you get at listening to your intuition, the ego/mind will continue with it's you bad advice...making others wrong...telling you scary stories...either puffing you up or beating you down...telling you not to trust...and all the other crazy things it says. Don't not to give it any power...don't trust it's intention (which is to hurt you)...let your wiser self be your guide instead.


I played around with some new ideas yesterday. I tried using ink instead of charcoal for outlining and found that I really liked it. With ink, I can be more detailed, making cute little squiggling lines in outlining. I also added eyes. My new girl can see life clearly!


For those who believe,
No proof is necessary.
For those who don't believe,
No proof is possible.

~ Author Unknown ~

"I am blessed with the wisdom to make healthy decisions"