Thursday, March 22, 2012

This, too, shall pass


According to an ancient story, there lived a king in the middle East who was continuously torn between happiness and despondency. The slightest things would upset him. The king wanted help so he sent for a wise man. When the wise man came, the king said "Can you give me something that will bring balance, serenity and wisdom into my life?"

The wise man returned a few weeks later and handed the king a box carved in jade. In it, the king found a simple gold ring with an inscription that said; This, too, shall pass. The wise man said "wear this ring always and whatever happens to you, good or bad, read the inscription and you will always be at peace.

The word inscribed on the ring are a reminder to let go of any attachment we have to how things go in our lives. Acceptance is always the key to serenity. Detachment allows us to accept life on life's terms without judgement.

some parts are from Eckhard Tolle's book "The New Earth".



You can participate in the dance of creation without placing demands on the world such as; fulfill me, make me happy, make me feel safe, tell me who I am. The world can not give you those things, and when you longer have those expectations, all self-created suffering ends.

Eckard Tolle "The New Earth"


"I accept life on life's terms"