Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Setting an intention for your day

I saw this little bird peeking out among the leaves.


What do you desire? More love?  A more purposeful life? A satisfying career? Peace? Whatever it is that you want, let yourself imagine what it would be like if you got it. How would you feel? Knowing what you want will help you focus your energy in the right direction.

Setting an intention allows your desires to be known. Your intention tells the wonderful, mystical forces of the Universe to work on your behalf. Once you have stated your intention, you can let the thought go. The Universe is already at work.

There is power in setting an intention for your day. Before I even I get up in the morning,
I set my intention . Here are some examples:

    …to see the gift in every situation
    …to be present to life
    …to relax and have fun
    …to see the best in everyone
    …to create a day filled with purpose


 For a Peaceful Life

Make peace with the past.
 Live in the present.
Be hopeful about the future.

"My intention today is one of peace, joy, and purpose"