Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Infinite possibilites


 We are in the middle of tropical storm where I live...the storm is named Debby. They spelled my name wrong, but anyways...the rain let up yesterday long enough to take a walk and assess the results of several days of strong winds and continuous down-pours. What I saw was mostly debris... branch limbs that were already dead...shaken loose from the trees.

It reminds me of how life works. Just as nature has a way of cleansing itself to make room for new growth, we too, are meant to let go of old debris. Our tendency though, is to hang on. But if we hang on too long, life will sends us our own little storm to loosen our grip.

No coincidence that this storm has my name (God has a sense of humor). It must be time to shed some old layers...bringing something new...exciting...infinite possibilities (infinite possibilities is my new favorite mantra).


"I will keep my feet planted on the ground
and my head in the stars"