Sunday, March 31, 2013

Healing the past

The last couple months I have been dealing with some unhealed wounds. Circumstances brought the wounds to my awareness. Since then, I've been sitting in some uncomfortableness. Prior to that, I had been nestled in a peaceful place with life for quite some time. 
Anyway, the other morning I caught myself judging my feelings. I was saying things like "what is wrong with you...why can't you snap out of it?". Thank God for a wiser part of me that responded "we are in the process of doing some very important work...let's be kind and patient with our self".
Our unhealed emotional wounds (wounds going to back to childhood) get triggered and reveal themselves in certain situations. I seem to be attracting those situations. Not fun, but necessary. It's only by facing and cleaning out our emotional wounds that we become more whole. Avoidance or denial keeps us stuck. Because we are meant to emotionally heal, just as our bodies are designed to heal, our wounds will continue to get triggered for the rest of our lives unless we get real about it.
I'm grateful today for the clarity to know that I am getting the perfect lesson, and when the wound is healed, my life will feel a little lighter, my heart a little happier and the peace will be deeper and longer lasting.

Happy Easter to all you sweet little bunnies!!!


Try dying every day to your old self . . .
So that you emerge renewed and young again as the tired mind sheds its load . . .
Kristin Zambucka
"Everything is in perfect order"