Friday, April 26, 2013

Deepening your faith

 I'm replacing the daily affirmation I usually include at the end of my blog, with a spiritual message. Because I have almost no religious background, my relationship with God has been purely a personal inner journey. 
This past week I've been reading a daily prayer book that includes a place for journaling my own thoughts. The spiritual message I'm sharing with you is from my journal. 

Listen with your heart to the message. Try to imagine it coming from a mysterious, magnificent force that is working in your favor. It makes no difference what you believe in, whether it's God, Buddha or you've chosen a tree to be your Higher Power...there are many paths.

Perhaps you may want to journal your translation of what the message means to you, just as I did, as a way to deepen your faith.

Faith is not without worry or care,
but faith is fear that has said a prayer. 
~Author Unknown

 I am your faithful companion. I open up doors for you, yet I never leave your side. I am always with you. Don't let troubles pull you under with worry and fear. Go through the day in peace knowing you are dearly loved and safe in my care.