Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joyful determination

Most of us, halfway to hundred, confront a need for greater self-awareness. We reach a point when the power of youth is gone...the dreams of earlier times seem shallow and pointless...we find ourselves asking tough questions: What am I to do now? What really matters? Who am I?

For many years I had ignored these questions because I had too many responsibilities-too many lives to consider. But all of a sudden, there were no more excuses... I was standing at a crossroad with no clear path to follow. I only knew I needed a change. So I took a leap of faith; walked away from the mainstream of life, and dove headlong into the unknown.

Joan Anderson- The Second Journey


Life, like the beach, is always rearranging itself. The trick is to welcome and then work with, not against, the changes... Knowing, acknowledging, and celebrating the phases all women go through-how we've risen above our angst, respecting our determination- that is the fodder needed to continue our independent journey. The goal is to come of age in the middle of life rather than live out our days lacking purpose and energy.
Joan Anderson