Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another healing step in the journey

new drawings
For years I've neglected my own heart. There's a child in me that has a broken picker when it comes to relationships. I've been careless with where I've placed my trust. I'm not judging anyone for my mistakes. I pretended to see things the way I wanted them to be rather than how they really were and then, paid a price for my denial.
I'm grateful for the lessons that are helping me see myself more clearly. I see how I have been looking outside of myself for something I obviously lacked inside. My choices have merely been a reflection of what I thought I deserved. I set myself up to fall again and again.

My prayer for today is that I make good choices, listening to my heart, as well as, my intuition. As far as the child in me who's still in need of love, I will be her provider.