Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting more real

Do you often find yourself disappointed or hurt in relationships?
Do you choose broken people, thinking you can change them?
When you do, you set yourself up for future problems.
The best thing is to choose those who are genuine.
But know that in choosing genuineness,
it will force you to become more genuine too.
If you're used to hiding parts of yourself (wearing a mask),
this will not be easy.
You may have a fear of being judged for who you are.
You don't feel good enough so you try to be someone you're not...
so others will like you. 
The only way though, to create an authentic life...
 is love and accept all the interesting aspects that make you unique.
You begin the journey to authenticity by choosing those...
 who risk showing you who they are.
 They will help you to feel safe enough to be your truest self.