Saturday, February 22, 2014

Healing our fears and insecurities


There is a huge difference between "owning your power" 
as opposed to "being in control".
When you know how powerful you really are,
you let go of your need to be in control.
Control is purely based on FEAR!
Ultimately, you give your power away when you give into fear,
when you try to micro-manage life...
instead of trusting your needs will be met.
When you're afraid, there's a good chance...
 you'll be trying to micro-manage other people's lives too.
It may give you a false sense of safety.
You may call it love, being helpful, extending kindness to others...
 but I will call it what it is; boundary crushing and disrespectful.
Interfering with someone's right to have their experiences,
trying to cripple them with your fears and insecurities,
 will destroy any chance of having a lasting, healthy relationship with them.
There is nothing powerful about giving into fear.
It is only when we face and heal our fear...
 that we own our true power.