Sunday, November 23, 2014

Healing shame

Trying to contain our shame story rather than heal it only keeps us stuck in it. What is the shame story? That we have to be perfect. That we can't be wrong or make mistakes. That we're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough...

So we secretly work hard to hide our flaws because we're afraid to be who we are. 

What causes shame? Growing up with negative messages that made us feel inadequate. Unresolved abuse issues that not only shredded our spirit, but left an imprint of feeling defective. Emotional abandonment which is another form of abuse. There are many factors that cause shame. All which can be debilitating! 

There is escape from shame except to face and heal it. The price of denial is suffering.

How do you heal it? We tenderly expose the shame by sharing it with someone safe. This life changing exercise begins to magically open the door not only to living more open-heartedly, but also gifting us with a beautiful sense of freedom we've never had before.