Thursday, November 20, 2014

Resting on shaky ground

Isn't it nice when we're feeling low and then something comes along that inspires us? For that moment we feel lifted and excited with new ideas. In a way this can be helpful, but the flip side is that whatever feeling we previously had that was uncomfortable, was our opportunity to relax into the discomfort rather than move away from it. It can be challenging to see goodness when our lives feel mundane. But the high we get from being lifted up is only temporary. Over and over we find ourselves in the position of seeking the next thing to make us feel okay which causes a constant subtle (or not-so subtle) current of anxiety. We've accept it as normal, but it's not.
So what's the solution? Sitting uncomfortably in the ordinariness until it feels like home. We can end our search for something that doesn't exist and relax into the sacredness of what is. Rather than strive for a life that requires us to seek fulfillment, we are fulfilled by the truth of what life is about...uncertainty, change, many uncomfortable moments...