Friday, December 28, 2012

Doing an inventory

Doing a honest inventory of yourself will help you to recognize if you've slammed the door on someone in an unreasonable way, someone you may have once cared about. When you closed your heart off to them, it numbed your feelings, making it easier to let them go.
But it also left you hard-hearted. Your heart became wounded.
You heal by letting your heart become soft and forgiving. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll resume the relationship again. Sometimes we need to walk away...but let's make sure we've done it in a kind, forgiving manner...holding no grudges.

Be willing to look for a new perspective. What was your part?

Make peace with everyone who's shared your journey...each person has brought you a gift, a lesson...No more finger-pointing...all is forgiven.
When you are offended at any man's fault,
turn to yourself and study your own failings.
Then you will forget your anger.

~ Epictetus ~

"My heart is soft and forgiving"