Thursday, December 27, 2012


To know true peace, you must forgive matter what they've done...a hardened heart will never be peaceful. You will be stuck...a part of you closed off...building a wall around your heart...judgement will suffocate your ability to love.

If there is resistance to being forgiving, look could mean that you haven't forgiven yourself for something...when you forgive yourself, forgiveness for others comes more easily.
Judgment of other's is a mirror...hold it to your face...look closely...what are they showing you about yourself that you don't are still angry at yourself for what...?
It's time to move on...let the past go...forgive did the best you could at the time...we've all made mistakes...some small ones, some BIG's okay...sometimes the only way we can improve on ourselves is to make those mistakes.
If you've hurt someone, make your humble...wipe the slate clean...forgive everything...move forward. You'll enjoy the freedom that follows forgiveness...your heart will smile again.
Life is a offer us the privilege,
opportunity, and responsibility to give something back
by becoming more.
Anthony Robbins
"All is forgiven"

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