Friday, July 24, 2015

Growing our wings

Sometimes believing in yourself and the dreams you hold close to your heart, require you to pull every bit of strength you can from within. There will be times when you feel discouraged and think about giving up. It's important during those times to look at the alternative. Giving up means sliding back to where you were before. How would that feel? Hopefully horrible! Therefore, just continue to move forward. Remember that you must build your wings so strong that they can take you anywhere you want to go. You are in the process of doing that...



  1. The more I heal, the closer my dreams feel, the bigger they feel. I know for certain my biggest one is to heal my heart and teach others how to do the same. The more I heal, the more truth is revealed and the more it wants to come out. This is where a lot of fear and self doubt come in. It's like I'm learning the person I thought I was is not who I am at all. I've revolved my feelings around how relationships in my life are supposed to look based on fantasies I've carried with me since childhood. There's a very young child in me that needed a happy place to go because life was so dark, I've had glimpses of her darkness and I understand why I've needed these fairy tales to run off to in my mind, what else did I have? Today though, what I do have is a greater sense of freedom I've ever felt and though I'm scared, I do know that is the truth. Am I willing to give that up because fear wants me to? Am I willing to go back to the alternative, living in darkness, living with no purpose, using people and things to make myself feel better, knowing there's a better way and I sold myself short? No freaking way! Luckily I have a teacher in my life who pushes me to walk through those fears, offers me reassurance and comfort when I'm scared and is living proof that this work works! Thank you Debbie.

    1. Words of your heart...well spoken...proud of you