Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New adventures

Life is about taking risks. It's about stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching for something magnificent that lies beyond it. There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Why settle for less? There's a big difference between surviving and living. Time to live! Open your arms to infinite possibilities...



  1. It is becoming more and more clear how I have lived from a place of fear and what I thought to be "safety". I have an absolutely terrified child inside of me, scared of being left alone, scared of rejection, scared of pretty much everything it feels like right now quite honestly. The more I step into reality and truth, yes more freedom shows up but so does fear, trying to stop me from being hurt and making a fool of myself and facing things I thought to be true but are not, which means more pain. But the pain is already there, it's always been there..I've been avoiding pain all my life by creating fantasies in my head so I had somewhere happy to go, but it's not real. The truth wants out. Am I going to let it or am I going to run? Running isn't an option, so I guess I'll face it. It feels difficult today, but I know I'll push through it. I also know the rewards to come if I do. Thank you Debbie.

  2. You said it "the truth wants out". So true Chas! and not just for you, but for everyone. People run from the very thing that will bring them deep joy and freedom. People are afraid to face their own darkness, but having faced mine, I can tell you that the rewards of doing so is a true blessing. Stay with it! Keep digging for the strength and courage. The darkness is merely everything you haven't resolved. Resolve it and you will be filled with only Light...