Sunday, September 13, 2015

Being dependent on others

Whatever you hold too tightly, will become a source of pain. There will be no lasting peace because you'll always fear losing what you have. You'll worry so much that it will feel normal to be afraid. You'll try to control things so you can hang unto your prize. You'll be so consumed with your prize that you'll miss out on your own life. And in the end, the only thing you'll be holding in your hands is your own fear. 

All your treasures never belonged to you to begin with. 

What happens to a butterfly that's held in captivity? It becomes crippled, and the essence of who the butterfly is, is lost forever. The same is true for people. We must let everyone be free to walk the path they choose. Make no one your prize. Let others be free of your wants. Your motives are selfish, though your mind has justified your actions. We each have our own wings in which to fly. And so we shall...