Monday, December 26, 2011

Hear your inner voice telling you...

I haven't been playing at my art table lately so you're seeing previous artwork.


It's impossible for me to ignore things that don't feel right anymore. That includes my actions. Paying attention to how my gut reacts to a situation, helps me stay on track. For example, a couple days ago, I put pictures on facebook of some friends and I having lunch. They were sweet  pictures; I wanted to share them. But I kept getting a nagging feeling that shouldn't publish any pictures without permission. Rather than assume my friends would be okay with it, I deleted them instead.

If you listen to the wisdom of your intuition, it will never misguide you. Put your trust in it rather than the voice in your head that argues against it. Don't get caught up in rationalizing, blaming, or defending. Hear your inner voice telling you....


This little guy is someones Christmas present (not mine). Isn't he the cutest?
He's only eight weeks old. One day he will be bigger than me.
My son, Jeremy, and I.
My partner Jack, and Salina, Jeremy's girlfriend.



" I trust myself to take the right actions every day"