Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Believing in yourself

My first book "The Gift of Knowing"
My newest greeting cards...
It's interesting how everything comes full circle. Six years ago, after my beloved daughter Jody died, I wanted to write a book. I had no experience, but had a story burning in me, so I went to Peppertree Press Publishing in Sarasota for help. What a wonderful, nurturing experience that was. It gave me the confidence I needed to go on and do other things such as design  greeting cards.
Yesterday I was back at Peppertree Press. They expanded by opening a beautiful new bookstore. Not only is my book in there, but now my greeting cards are too. 
I had dreams then. And I have dreams now. I think this year is going to bring a lot of new opportunities...wait and see...I believe...I believe in me...and I believe in you.
“I believe in myself.
 I believe in the hands that work,
in the brains that think,
and in the hearts that love.” 
Richard Branson
"I believe in myself"