Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free of baggage

To me, heaven on earth means being free of baggage.

Imagine yourself loving others without attachments.
Imagine enjoying material things, but being okay if you lost them.

Imagine being free of guilt and regrets.

Imagine pursuing your passion instead of settling.
Imagine letting go of all your fears about money...
because you trust you'll always have enough.

Imagine having perfect health because you're always are in balance.

Imagine being able to see the shining light that you are...
and to see the light in others too, no matter how they act.

 Imagine being able to accept all your circumstances...
 trusting they are only lessons.

Imagine being free of fear.

Sounds wonderful, right? Do you believe it's possible?

I do...
with all my heart...
I believe...
open your mind...
 to this new way of life...
 just waiting for you...
 to say "yes, I believe".

"Do you really want to look back on your life
and see how wonderful it could have been
had you not been afraid to live it."

~ Caroline Myss ~


"Just like a child, I have a song in my heart
and skip in my walk"