Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving's a time for gratitude and celebration with our friends/family But don't wait for a holiday to be grateful or celebrate life. Years ago, I started making a daily gratitude list. I'd write ten things I was grateful for. At first it was hard. I wasn't used to being grateful every day, so I wrote simple things like my coffee, the sunshine, and so on. After awhile, gratitude became a natural part of my life. It changed my bad habit of being a negative thinker. As simple as it sounds, it worked.  Because my heart is consistently grateful, I can accept what life brings me, with more ease.

Are you in the habit of being grateful or do you tend to nurse negative thoughts? Try a gratitude list. Before long, you'll have developed a grateful heart too.


Pippi and Jack trying out their new chair.


Happy Holidays


"I'm grateful for what my life experiences have to teach me"