Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being grateful for our challenges

I sat on the porch as a little girl, singing my heart away.


I grew up in a home that reeked of abuse, neglect, lies, manipulation and secrets. No one knew. We had all the outside trimmings of a perfect family. A pretty house, a mom who stayed home, cleaning and cooking, and a sucessful, hard-working dad. It's taken me years to unravel the mysteries of my childhood. It's complex and confusing. But what do I know for sure? I know my challenges shaped my life and helped me to become who I am today. My childhood gave me the gift of empathy along with a lifetime committment and passion to help others.

Through difficult times, we gather gifts. Is there something challenging you today? Avoid victim thinking. Dig deep for your faith. Know you're building your spiritual muscles. And most of all, remember to be gentle with yourself.


Had you seen the pond where I took this at, it would have looked like anything, but beautiful. Sometimes we have to look deeper so as not to miss the gift.


"Every experience has something valuable to teach me"